Why Consumers and Moving Companies Will Embrace Connected SmartCubes in 2019

Posted: February 19th, 2019 | Categories: Technology

Internet of Things technologies will make moving easier, more reliable and secure

Approximately 35 million Americans will move in 2019. While more than 80% of these moves will occur within the same state, many of the challenges that consumers and moving companies face ensuring a smooth, uneventful move are related to technology (or the lack of modernization) versus the actual distance of the move.

The traditional shipping container hasn’t changed much since its invention in 1956. Many people assume that the first shipping containers were invented for ships, and perhaps were invented overseas to transport manufactured goods destined for the US for import. The reality is that an American trucker named Malcolm McLean invented and patented the first container to develop some sort of standardized way of loading cargo from trucks to ships and warehouses. The shipping industry embraced this breakthrough concept and the rest is history. This innovation reduced loading related labor by as much as 90% and drove loose cargo costs down from $5.86 per ton to load to just $0.16.

53 years later, the same shipping container is being used.

How can this be, in an era of modern technology? Why is it that technology has made all types of products and services smarter, but an $85 billion-dollar industry that employs 122,600 people hasn’t evolved?

SmartCubes, developed by CubeMonk, is one of the world’s first “smart” shipping containers that will transform the moving industry. To be “smart” means that sensors connected by Wi-Fi or cellular technology are embedded inside the containers. These “internet of things” or “IoT” sensors provide monitoring and transmit data such as location, temperature, humidity, vibration, shock, impact, security and more to people who want to know this information.

SmartCubes can help a consumer reduce the anxiety that accompanies the stress of moving the minute that prized household possession are loaded by strangers destined for a new location down the street or across the country. Between theft, damage and loss due to mishandling, these sensors provide an extra layer of protection and comfort for the consumer by making sure they know where their stuff is, what condition it is in after it left their residence and if anything, unexpected or bad has happened while in transit.

For moving companies, SmartCube technology in the form of CubeMonk’s GURU device provides real-time data that can help manage every aspect of a consumer’s move from labor, transit capacity, location, warehousing, security of contents and final delivery to the new destination. SmartCube can help moving companies better manage their resources more efficiently, lowering costs and the risks associated with moving a consumer’s possession.

According to McKinsey & Company, a leading global research firm, IoT sensors will provide a $560 – $850 billion-dollar impact on the logistics and transportation industries by 2025. Improved logistics routing, navigation, container, and package management and more will help increase efficiency, lower cost and speed up delivery. Smart containers with IoT sensor like SmartCubes will help lead the way for this digital transformation.

Consumers and moving companies will embrace advanced IoT technologies embedded in CubeMonk’s SmartCubes in 2019. The maritime shipping industry has been using this technology for the past few years. Now it is time to honor trucker Malcolm McLean’s original inspiration by modernizing the shipping container for 2019.